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A recap of some of the past week’s scenes, sightings and stories from across the Eastside.

About 200 people were evacuated from Children's Hospital in East Hollywood Monday after smoke from a smoldering fire spread to different parts of the building. The fire within the walls in an underground level of the hospital took nearly an hour to extinguish. The Eastsider

A look at the rates of car break-ins at various Eastside neighborhoods. Echo Park had among the biggest increases in vehicle break-ins across - while Boyle Heights and Westlake had declines in car-related crime. The Eastside

It's increasingly common for suspects to come from out of town for a crime spree, just like the three suspects from Temecula who were arrested in connection with the killing of LAPD Officer Juan Diaz. LAPD Chief Michel Moore said his staff has noticed other cases where former Eastside and Central L.A. residents with gang connections return to the old neighborhoods, sometime to cause trouble. The Eastsider

An activist who runs a kayaking business has bought 4.5 acres of the L.A. River channel. Steven Appleton 15,000 from a donor to purchase one of the approximately 500 pieces of the L.A. River channel that are privately owned.  Though there's not much one can do with these river properties, it might give Appleton more influence over restoration efforts or the uses of the river near his newly purchased parcel. L.A. Times

Caltrans owns 163 vacant homes along part of 710 corridor, even though it's been two years since the freeway extension plan was abandoned. About half these homes are in Pasadena, though others are in South Pasadena and El Sereno. Caltrans had announced in 2016 that it would begin offering 42 homes for sale. But only 10 have been sold so far. Daily News

A former prison inmate who grew up in East L.A. is now eligible for a pardon, under a ruling by California Supreme Court. Susan H. Burton had been in and out of prison over the years. But after getting off drugs, she has worked to help other former female inmates adjust to life outside prison. This ruling means Gov. Newsom may legitimately consider granting the application for a pardon. Burton grew up in East L.A. housing projects. L.A. Times

Firefighters and members of the L.A. Fire Department's hazmat team could not locate the source of an unknown odor in Lincoln Heights that left workers feeling ill at a commercial kitchen facility. Two workers on the 200 block of W. Avenue 26 reported feeling ill and were evaluated, but declined transport to a hospital after their symptoms dissipated. The Eastsider

A tanker truck carrying 7,500 gallons of diesel overturned on the northbound 5 Freeway in Atwater Village, shutting down the northbound freeway for most of the day. But only a small amount of the cargo spilled onto the roadway. The truck tipped over when the driver tried to stop for the slower-moving traffic ahead. The Eastsider

Anne Hars - an artist who became a housing activist - talks about the inspiration behind her activism and why she might modify her balloon protests. The Eastsider

A proposal to replace a recreation yard with affordable housing is being backed by city staff, though the move is opposed by the social services agency that runs the recreation facility. A report from the City Administrative Officer recommends that the city seek proposals from developers to build between 54 and nearly 100 units of affordable and multi-family housing with social services at 1146 N. Glendale Blvd. The Eastsider

The grace period for sleeping in cars near residences was short-lived. The City Council voted 13-0 to reinstate the temporary ban on sleeping in a car or RV in residential areas or near schools, daycare centers, and parks. The restriction had expired without much fanfare at the end of June, and LAPD officers had been instructed to stop issuing citations for it. The new temporary ordinance expires in January. Curbed

If you hated the road diet along Rowena Avenue, you probably won't like a possible lane reduction along Fletcher in Atwater Village. The stretch between Riverside Drive and San Fernando Road is being earmarked for safety updates in fiscal-year 2019-20. This could include the road diet - or lane reduction - as well as flashing crosswalks, speed radar signs and median islands for pedestrian safety. The proposed road diet has been in the works for several years now and comes after similar changes were made to Fletcher Drive north of San Fernando Road in Glassell Park. Los Feliz Ledger

Two new skate parks have opened (or reopened) in less than a month in Council District 13, and a third is on the way. The Lake Street Skate Park in historic Filipinotown just re-opened, with improved accessibility. This follows the opening of a new skate park in July at the Chevy Chase Recreation Center in Atwater Village. As for the next park, ground was broken last May at the Echo Park Recreation Center. It's scheduled to open in summer 2020. Los Feliz Ledger

The DASH bus lines serving Los Feliz and the Griffith Observatory have been combined into a single route with shorter wait times and two hours of added operation. The Eastsider

A petition has begun to save the Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign on Sunset, now that we've heard the rotating sign won't fit into the foot clinic's new home. The Sunset Foot clinic is moving out of Silver Lake, and was originally supposed to take its beloved Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign with it to a new location on Beverly Boulevard. But the sign, which measures eight by 12 feet, is too large for the new location. The Eastsider

The City Council said it will look into increasing fines on property owners who do work without a permit. City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell of the 13th District first made a motion for this after a contractor demolished a Streamline-Moderne storefront in Silver Lake last April without a permit. Craig Bullock, who is O’Farrell’s planning director, said fees aren’t high enough to discourage developers from going beyond what their permits allow them to do. Curbed


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