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Coronavirus orders on Elysian valley construction site

There are all sorts of emergency orders and temporary restrictions that have been imposed on L.A. businesses and residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the orders including allowing only "essential businesses" to keep their physical locations open to the public; restricting restaurants to offer only takeout and delivery; requiring store clerks to wear face masks and construction crews to follow social-distancing guidelines. 

Officials are relying on voluntary compliance for the most part. But in some cases, police, inspectors and volunteers have been deployed to contact potential violators. 

The public has also been asked to report violations as well. Here are some ways you can report a potential violation.

City of Los Angeles

In the City of Los Angeles, potential violations of the Safer at Home Order can submit a complaint into an online form.  You can find out if the site of the violation is within the city boundaries by entering the address at this site.

There is no financial reward for reporting a violator.

East Los Angeles -- L.A. County

East Los Angeles falls under similar emergency orders imposed by the County of Los Angeles. Here's a map to help you determine if you live in unincorporated East L.A. 

The Countywide Office of Communications says complaints against businesses should be filed with the Department of Environmental Health:

Customer Call Center: (888) 700-9995

  Click or tap here to file in an online form Online Form


Keep in mind:

 Government staffs are stretched thin, so responding and investigating your complaint may take time.

 The orders are subject to change at anytime

 No rewards are available

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