Parking enforcement officer writing a ticket

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation today reminded motorists of the city's decision to ease up on some -- but not all -- parking enforcement during  the coronavirus outbreak.

Starting last week, in accordance with the direction of Mayor Eric Garcetti and city leaders, LADOT announced the changes to parking enforcement policies to help Angelenos comply with public health recommendations and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

It has since updated some of those new guidelines. You can find the latest rule changes on the department website.

Here's a run down of what can and can't get you slapped with a ticket through July 6. 

LADOT has waived enforcement and tickets since March 16 on these violations:

 Residential street sweeping

 Peak/rush-hour and gridlock-zone parking restrictions

 Non-metered time limits in commercial zones

 Ticketing or towing for abandoned vehicles, overnight parking and oversize vehicles

Expired registration on a vehicles

 Ticketing for recently expired guest and residential parking permits (See details)

Additionally, the department has taken measures to reduce tickets such as:

 No parking fine increases for 60 days

 Extending the grace period for violations related to dropping off or picking up people

 Extending all deadlines for ticket payments until July 6.

But, the LADOT will continue to issue tickets and tow vehicles in some cases for these violations:

 Metered parking expirations

 Preferential parking districts

 Posted time limits in residential areas

 Posted temporary no-parking for repaving, street repair and other street maintenance

 Blocking emergency access, such as alleyways and fire hydrants

 Colored curb zones

 Parking restrictions on city-owned lots

The changes will remain in effect until June 1 and may be extended, LADOT stated.

This story was updated after LADOT extended its changes to June 1.

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