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Some customer and vendors wore face masks at the Silver Lake Farmers Market.

We’ve got outdoor dining at our restaurants again - along with a few other things - now that Gov. Gavin Newsom has canceled California’s COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. 

But we’ve lost these liberties before, and we can lose them again. So let’s all wear our masks, sit far apart from each other, and not let our guard down until we’ve all gotten our shots, okay?

Despite the governor's decision, most restrictions remain in place across LA County. Here's are the latest COVID-19 restrictions in Los Angeles:

Farmer’s Markets

Capacity at certified farmers’ markets is also limited to 50% of maximum occupancy. And outdoor dining areas here must follow the same rules as outdoor dining areas in restaurants.

Fitness Centers & Gyms

Indoor workout spaces remain closed to customers. Outdoor workout areas are OK but must be limited to 50% of capacity.

Grocery stores

These may now be open at 35% indoor occupancy. Though this is higher than other retail establishments, grocery stores must still keep tabs on the number of customers going in and out. 

Hotels, lodging and short-term rental

You can start staying at a hotel again just … for fun. Hotels, lodging and short-term rentals are open again for out-of-state reservations for nonessential travel. 

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Miniature Golf, Batting Cages, and Go Cart Racing

These can all reopen again, with the usual protocols that currently apply to everything else.

Museums, Galleries, Zoos and Aquariums

These can be reopened, with the usual social distancing protocols. So don’t pet the snakes. 

Personal care establishments

These business may reopen for indoor services at 25% maximum indoor capacity. This includes estheticians, skin care, cosmetology, massage, electrology, body art service, tattoo parlors, piercing shops and nail salons. 

Restaurants, Breweries and Wineries

Though bars, per se, are still closed, breweries and wineries may reopen for outdoor service. Restaurants, as has been widely reported, are also now open for outdoor dining. Tables must all sit at least six feet apart, with no more than six people per table - all of whom must come from the same household. TVs and other screens that broadcast programming must remain off.

Retail establishments and Shopping Centers

These may now be open at 25% of the total indoor building or store capacity. Restrictions on operating hours have also been lifted. The restrictions on eating areas here are the same as at restaurants - except that tables must be even farther apart (eight feet) and seat even fewer customers (four). 

Small water vessel charters

You may now rent a boat or other recreational equipment.

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