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A recap of some of the past week’s scenes, sightings and stories from across the Eastside.

The first three months of the year saw crime decline about 8% citywide compared to same period last year. But crime trends in Eastside neighborhoods varied. While Atwater Village showed the sharpest drop in the crime rate during between Jan. 1 and March 31 - down 28% - crime in Mount Washington jumped 33%. The Eastsider

USC paid nearly $1 million to break ties to the former dean of its Boyle Heights medical school in the wake of a drug use scandal. L.A. Times

Silver Lake's controversial road diet should stay, Councilman David Ryu told the City Council’s Transportation Committee - defending the road redesign that reduced traffic lanes for motor vehicles and added room for bikes along an approximately mile-long stretch of Rowena Avenue. The Eastsider

The famous "murder house" on Glendower Place is up for sale again, after less than three years with its current owners. The 5-bedroom, hilltop Spanish Revival is listed at $3.5 million, apparently while still under renovation. In 1959, a physician named Harold Perelson killed his wife Lillian in her sleep with a ball-peen hammer, then tried to do the same to his oldest daughter. After she escaped to a neighbor's house, Perelson killed himself with a mix of Nembutal and tranquilizers. His motives have never been clear. The house was then sold to Emily and Juan Enriquez in 1960, but apparently it stayed mostly empty. It was finally sold to its current owners in 2016 for $2.3 million. Curbed and LAist

Why was voter turnout so low in the District 5 school board race? A consultant explains why voters who failed to vote are not to blame. LAist

The restoration of two nearly century-old homes in the Garvanza neighborhood somehow also managed to add more new housing along the way - an innovation that earned it a 2019 Conservancy Preservation Award. The Eastsider

Newly elected District 5 school board member Jackie Goldberg (an Elysian Heights resident) wasted no time questioning and challenging funding for charter schools during her first board meeting. L.A. Times

There's an effort to bring movies back to the former Eagle Theatre on Eagle Rock Boulevard and Yosemite Drive, now that it's served as a church for nearly two decades. The Eastsider

Occidental College has opened its new arts and retail complex on York Boulevard. This will likely give the liberal arts college a more visible presence in the neighborhood, since it has otherwise been secluded deep inside a residential neighborhood and away from major streets. The Eastsider

Brad Pitt recalled a visit to the Echo Park home of the late actor Brandon Lee back in 1992. During the visit, Lee said he thought he was going to die young like his father, Bruce Lee. "I just chalked it up to, you know, stony 6 a.m. talk," said Pitt. The next year, Lee was killed at age 28 by a defective blank cartridge in a prop gun, on the set of The Crow. Esquire

Prepare for numerous detours and road closures if you are planning to walk or bike the L.A. River Path anytime soon. The building and repair of four bridges across the river means that portions of the path - between Griffith Park on the north and Elysian Valley on the south - will have closures. The Eastsider

A man in his 20s was shot in the arm while riding a bike in Boyle Heights, in what appeared to be a gang-related incident. About eight shots were fired near Los Palos and Beswick Streets. Police said the victim was uncooperative with authorities, and it was unclear if the assailant was on foot or in a car. The victim is in stable condition. The Eastsider

A cyclist was also shot in the leg during a gang-related incident in East Hollywood. The cyclist was near the intersection of Lockwood Avenue and North Virgil Avenue at about 1 a.m. early Wednesday morning when he was approached by a man in a car who asked him what gang he was from. The suspect then fired multiple rounds at the victim. The cyclist was last reported at the hospital in stable condition. The Eastsider

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