City Attorney seeks court injunction against six Echo Park area gangs

Approximate boundaries of area that would be covered by proposed gang injunction.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich said today his office is seeking a court injunction designed to limit the activities of six rival gangs across much of Echo Park, Elysian Valley as well as a portion of Silver Lake .

The injunction, if approved, would prohibit about 300 gang members from associating with each other in public, possessing firearms and narcotics as well as intimidating or harassing residents within a nearly four-square-mile “safety zone, which would stretch roughly from Coronado Street and Silver Lake Boulevard on the west, the Los Angeles River on the north,  Elysian Park and Dodger Stadium on the east and First Street and Beverly Boulevard on the south.

“This injunction will be an important too in curbing the escalating activity of these six rival gangs and bringing peace to our neighborhoods,” Trutanich said in a statement.

The gangs targeted in the injunction include Big Top Locos, Crazys, Diamond Street Locos, Echo Park Locos, Frogtown and Headhunters.

Similar injunctions against gang activities already apply to areas south, west and north of  Echo Park, according to the city attorney.  In December 2008, a judge approved an injunction against the Temple Street gang that has been active across the southern portions of Echo Park and Silver Lake.

An August 21 court hearing has been scheduled for the injunction.

Click here for a copy of the proposed injunction.

Crime, including gang-related shootings,  in Echo Park  and surrounding neighborhoods has fallen over the years as it has across the city. But many trouble spots remain and gangs members remain entrenched in certain areas.

“I will say, there has been an uptick in gang activity, graffiti and violent crime by the criminal street gang known as the Crazys,” said Capt. Jeffrey Bert of the LAPD Northeast Division. ” They hang out on Benton Way.  I have been saturating that area with cops lately resulting in a couple arrests for vandalism and a recovery of a handgun from a gangster off of Mohawk in the last two weeks.”

Another problem area is Elysian Valley, where gang members are suspected of several recent robberies and assaults on the L.A. River pathway.  The most recent incident took place on Saturday, June 15 when an 18-year-old male was robbed near Shoredale Avenue, said Bert.

“He was walking listening to his headphones at about 1 am,when three or four possible Frog Town Gang Members jumped him, punched him, and took his stuff,” Bert said via email.  “I will continue to put uniformed and non-uniformed resources down on the river walk, but I am really concerned that folks are just unaware of the criminal element down there, gangsters, drug sales, and thugs.”

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