sawed off lamppost bolts on glendale hyperion bridge looking south

Broken glass and sawed off bolts mark the spot of a missing lamppost.

This weekend reports circulated that more classic bronze lampposts had gone missing or were stolen off the Glendale-Hyperion bridge, which links Atwater Village and Silver Lake.

While reports of the thefts have not been confirmed, it turns out city crews have been removing some of the nearly 12-foot-high lights for safe keeping before they could be stolen.

The Bureau of Street Lighting has removed and stored 18 lights from the bridge, said Department of Public Works spokeswoman Elena Stern.  

Following reports of thefts in September, the city determined that a total of 7 lampposts had been stolen. But that number has now risen to 17, Stern said. 

Before the thefts and removals, there were between 60 to 70 historic lights on the bridge, she said. 

"The stolen street lights on the bridge are bronze, and were installed in 1926," said Stern. "The Bureau of Street Lighting has no replacement lights readily available, given the age and the solid bronze make of the lamp post."  

She added that the department is working on various temporary measures "to protect the lights and ensure public safety."

Last September, police said they would be notifying local salvage yards of the stolen fixtures in case thieves were trying to sell the lights. But there's no word if anyone has been caught or any lampposts have been recovered. 

Replacing the lights will have to wait until an upcoming seismic upgrade of the bridge, which will include restoration as well as replication of original historic features, according to city officials.

Thieves have been stealing the fluted lampposts off the bridge for several years now.

In 2013 thieves stole one of the lights after cutting the bolts at the base. Those bolts were installed after an earlier theft of the street lights on the bridge.

Update Jan 5:   The Bureau of Street Lighting has decided to remove and try to preserve all of the remaining lights from the bridge. The number of stolen lampposts have now risen to 22. The Eastsider

This story was updated with information about the Bureau of Street Lighting removing the lights.

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