The city maintenance yard and offices will be reconfigured to create room for a riverside park

ATWATER VILLAGE —  A proposal to create a new riverfront park while rebuilding a city-owned maintenance yard and office compound  would take a decade to complete and cost $312 million.

That’s the timeline and price tag included in a masterplan commissioned by the city for the nearly 25-acre Central Service Yard, which is the main administrative and maintenance center for the Department of Recreation and Parks.

The cost of constructing the approximately 5-acre park and playground  amounts to less than 10% of the overall and would not be fully completed until the final phase of the 10-year project.

The sprawling site composed of a hodgepodge of office buildings, metal sheds, garages, storage yards and parking lots is hidden away between the homes of North Atwater Village and the L.A. River.  But the site has been put in the spotlight because of its location on what is considered a prime and underutilized stretch of river front that could be opened as parkland

The tricky part is how to complete all the necessary construction work while allowing the same site to continue to serve as home base for the Recreation and Parks department.

The strategy outlined in the masterplan by the firm Rios Clementi Hall Studios would phase in construction over a decade to allow the parks department to continue to operate without interruption.  A new four-level, 100,000-square-foot administration building as well as new garages, warehouses and other facilities would be grouped into a smaller portion of the site, allowing for the creation of a riverfront park.  The new park would be located across the river from Griffith Park and adjacent to North Atwater Park.

The masterplan is a concept at this stage since no money has been budgeted for the project.  It will receive its first public review on Thursday before the City Council’s Arts, Entertainment, Parks and River Committee.

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