Echo Park restaurant owners seek thieves with a taste for Dodger art

Orel Hershiser drawing by Armando De La Torre, Jr./Guisados restaurant

Suspected art thief caught on video/Guisados restaurant

The owners of Guisados restaurant in Echo Park have turned to Facebook and Twitter to find the thieves who ordered tacos and then ran off with an original drawing of Dodger pitching legend Orel Hershiser that hung in the restaurant dining room.

The 24-inch by 36-inch drawing on canvas created by the son of the restaurant owner was taken on Saturday afternoon by a trio of men dressed in Dodger shirts. After ordering tacos and entering the dining room,  the three men, described as noisy and possibly drunk, sat down in the dining room.  Then, in front of other patrons, one  of the men removed the drawing from the wall and ran out a side door and across Sunset Boulevard along with his two companions.

“I am shocked,” said Armando De La Torre, Jr., who used a black Sharpie marker to create the drawing for his father’s restaurant.  ” Why would you do that?”   De La Torre said he had turned down offers to buy the drawing  of one of his childhood heroes from patrons, including employees of the Dodgers.

De La Torre’s father said this is not the first time artwork with a Dodger theme has been taken from the restaurant, which displays the work of different artists at the Guisados in Echo Park and Boyle Heights. An image featuring some old Dodger seats had previously been taken from the restaurant, said Armando De La Torre, Sr.

The De La Torres are now using the restaurant’s social media followers to try and recover the artwork. They have posted a blurry surveillance camera photo of one of the art thieves on Facebook and Twitter and have asked for people to call with any information.

Armando De La Torre, Jr. said people have called in to say they saw the theft in progress but did not know who the suspect were.

The dollar value of the drawing, which was made earlier this year, is not certain,  said Armando De La Torre, Sr.  But “it was worth a lot to me because [my son] made it.”

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