Police warn Echo Park and Silver Lake Honda Element owners about catalytic converter thieves

Honda Element after thieves cut out catalytic converter | Photo courtesy James Stathas

Earlier this month The Eastsider reported on Silver Lake motorists whose vehicles had been the targets of catalytic converter thieves. Those thefts have continued in Silver Lake as well as Echo Park, with the LAPD Rampart Division this week issuing a warning to the owners of Honda Elements, which have been involved in many of the thefts. “The Element is targeted because the catalytic converter contains platinum and the car sits high, making it easier to get underneath,” said the Rampart Division notice.

Rampart detectives are investigating nearly two dozen cases of the stolen converters, which contain precious metals, like platinum, that can be sold.

Some vehicle owners are installing metal cages to make it harder to steal the converter. The Rampart Division also offered this advice:

  • Get an audible car alarm!
  • Garage your car
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Install surveillance cameras facing your car.
  • Mark your license plate or vin# on the catalytic converter
  • Be vigilant about strangers and call police.
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