Update on Echo Park shooting

Police are trying to sort out what exactly happened outside  The Echo early this morning, where a shooting in front of the Echo Park nightclub left three people injured.  Witness reports said that a man on a black Harley Davidson fired a semi-automatic gun into the crowd gathered around the Sunset Boulevard club shortly after the 2 AM closing but police are trying to confirm the details of the incident and track down suspects, said  supervising detective Rick Ramos with the LAPD Rampart Division.

Here is some other information from Ramos provided during a brief interview late this afternoon:

  • There is speculation that the shooting might have involved some members of the Hell’s Angels. But Ramos said that has not been verified. One of the victims might have been wearing a jacket with a Hell’s Angels insignia but it’s not clear whether he was wearing such a jacket or whether he is associated with the gang, he said.
  • Detectives have yet to confirm whether the shots did come from a man on a motorcycle or if shots were fired by one or more persons. Several people were seen running to nearby vehicles that sped off  after the shooting stopped but it’s not clear if they played any role in the crime or if they were  fleeing for safety. The shots were believed fired from somewhere in the middle of the street.
  • The victim who was shot in the torso remains  hospitalized in critical but stable condition, Ramos said.

Anyone with information about the shooting can contact Ramos by calling 213-484-3658 or sending an email to 22575@lapd.lacity.org

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