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Police are investigating two separate shootings in Cypress Park and El Sereno that left three victims wounded.

El Sereno Shooting 

The first shooting took place on Saturday at about 3 pm when a man in his 20s was shot in the arm while driving in El Sereno.

 Lt. James Townsend said officers found several casings around a vehicle that crashed near the corner of Lifur Avenue and Oakland Street, not far from the 5100 block of Huntington Drive.

Police later found the victim at a local hospital. The victim is in stable condition. "Unfortunately the person who was shot did not want to cooperate," Townsend said.

Detectives are searching for surveillance video that might provide further insight. Anyone with information is asked to call Hollenbeck detectives.

Cypress Park Shooting

At least two people were injured when gunmen stormed their parked car and fired several rounds in Cypress Park early Sunday morning, police said.

Lt. James Zboravan said at least two assailants in a white, four-door sedan got out of their car and and began firing rounds on the victims who had been parked near Arvia Street and Cypress Avenue shortly after midnight.

There were three people in the parked car, but only two were hit. Zboravan didn't have any identifying victim information, but he said the two were hospitalized.

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