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Taylor Yard Bridge Night 600

The lights have been turned on across the new Taylor Yard bridge between Cypress Park and Elysian Valley.  Even readers up in Mount Washington and those walking through Elysian Park have noticed the lights. But the structure is still fenced off. We've inquired about an opening date and hope to have an update soon.

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Lucha Reyes sign 600

A Feb 2019 Google Maps photo showing Avenida Lucha Reyes sign at Bailey and 1st streets.

Two Mexican musical legends, one Boyle Heights street

Councilman Kevin de Leon wants to rename Bailey Street next to Mariachi Plaza after the late Mexican singer Vicente "Chente" Fernandez.

There's just one complication.

In 2013, the City Council voted to rename the same street after Mexican ranchera singer Lucha Reyes, the Queen of Ranchera. On Google Maps, two ceremonial "Avenida Lucha Reyes" signs can be seen on the street. A statue of the singer stands nearby in Mariachi Plaza.

De Leon's proposal, if approved, would begin the process of having two blocks of Bailey Street, between First Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, changed to "Vicente Fernandez Street."

The councilman on Wednesday called Fernandez, who died last month, a "cultural icon," adding that his "music and talent influenced generations of Latinos, not only in Mexico, but around the world."

Icon vs legend

But Reyes, whose real name was Maria de la Luz Flores Aceves, was also a Mexican musical legend. In the male-dominated Mariachi world, she was a pioneering female musician and bandleader. She died in 1944.

"Her groundbreaking path was difficult during an era when women were struggling for rights and Mariachi music was widely viewed as a male-only pursuit," said a press release issued by former Councilman Jose Huizar. The renaming was celebrated in 2014

How will Fernandez and Reyes share the same street?

According to Pete Brown, a spokesman for De Leon, the city council's action in 2013 was more ceremonial in nature and didn't change the street's name. However, the latest motion will make the change official, but in honor of Fernandez.

Fret not, Reyes fans. Brown says the ceremonial "Avenida Lucha Reyes" signs will remain, posted above blue "Vicente Fernandez Street" signs.

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Real Estate bubble 600

Cesar Chavez adjacent

Cesar Chavez Avenue is often overshadowed by Mariachi Plaza as Boyle Heights' center for restaurants, bars and shops.

But a few blocks north, Cesar Chavez is lined with numerous shops and restaurants. Relative newcomers like Guisados, Milpa Grille and Brooklyn Avenue Pizza Co, have joined stalwarts like La Parrailla. Las Flautas and Panaderia Morelos.

We found three properties -- a duplexes and a pair of triplexes -- within walking distance of this lively street.

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More murders

El Sereno: Homicides have been increasing in the neighborhood, yet so has gentrification. The L.A. Times talks to residents, authorities, and business owners about these two apparently contradictory trends.

Now Open

Atwater Village: Sagrado Mezcaleria + Kitchen, featuring mezcal drinks and Oaxcan-inspired dishes, replaced the Village Tavern on Glendale Boulevard. Eater LA

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