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One dead in fatal 5 Freeway crash in Boyle Heights

Metro Micro 600

A new way to get around Northeast LA

Think of it as a cross between a bus and an Uber, but only for short, shared rides.

Metro Micro service is scheduled to start this Sunday, June 27, for a section of Highland Park, Eagle Rock and Glendale

Like Uber or Lyft passengers, Metro Micro riders will use an app to hail a ride (or call or use a website). But you will have to share a large van with other riders and the trips will be pretty short, limited to Northeast LA and Glendale.

“Really, our goal with Metro Micro is to offer a more flexible, convenient service for riders in these zones for short trips to replace driving alone," said Metro spokesman Brian Haas.

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Freeway tunnel makeover

If you frequently drive through the Arroyo Seco Parkway (110 Freeway) tunnels in Elysian Park you may have noticed some recent changes. Most notably, the Art-Deco style portals or entrances to the four tunnels have been painted over. What's going on?

The nearly 90-year-old tunnels are undergoing a $6 million renovation to improve safety and make them easier to maintain.

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Emoji Backlash

City Hall is abuzz about Solid Gold, the private Facebook group consisting of members of Mayor Eric Garcetti's inner circle, including his top aide, Ana Guerrero. The group mocked several political leaders, labor legend Dolores Huerta and, apparently, 1st District Councilman Gil Cedillo, reports The LA Times. Guerrero posted a vomiting emoji image in response to a photo of cupcakes decorated with images of Cedillo's face. It's not clear if Guerrero had a thing against Cedillo or cupcakes. Either way, Cedillo was not pleased. “It’s a disservice to the mayor and his high standards,” Cedillo told The Times. 

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Boyle Heights:  The LAPD released a surveillance video of Sunday night's fatal hit-and-run in Boyle Heights. The crash on Grande Vista Avenue left a 62-year-old homeless man dead. The Eastsider

Lincoln Heights - A new athletic field at Lincoln High School will be one of the beneficiaries of monies shifted away from the LAPD. The City Council allocated $2 million for the project, out of funds that had been set aside from the LAPD for reinvestment in low income communities. The athletic field is in addition to an approved $218.3 million renovation, which includes a new performing arts addition and upgrades to numerous buildings across the North Broadway campus.

Evictions:  The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted Tuesday to extend a local eviction moratorium through Sept. 30, while warning that such protections will begin to be phased out. The Eastsider

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