Dodger Stadium Aerial view March 2019

The Dodgers said they are planning to extend the netting across the stadium in an effort to protect fans from errant balls. 

The team did not provide details about its plans, but said it is awaiting the results of a study on the matter that was launched during the offseason, according to a statement issued on Monday.

"We began the process of studying how the netting at Dodger Stadium could be configured to provide better protection for our fans," said the statement. "Once this study is completed, the team will implement the recommended changes and extend the netting at Dodger Stadium. The team will provide more information on the project timeline and scope when available.”

One girl was taken to a hospital for tests this weekend after being hit in the head by a foul ball. 13-year-old Kaitlyn Salazar suffered a concussion, said KTLA.

Last summer, a 79-year-old died a few days after being struck by a foul ball at Dodger Stadium.

Two other teams this season have also announced they will extend the protective netting at their ballparks, said the L.A. Times. 

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