Dodger Stadium social distancing decal

Dodger fan Sandy Driscoll arrived at Dodger Stadium for the first time in more than year and was greeted by familiar sights -- the San Gabriel Mountains in the distance -- and sounds -- the roar of her fellow fans. 

But things were definitely different in a season adapted for the pandemic. For one thing, there was sitting with her friends in a pod separated from other fans. And there were the disappointing Dodger Dogs (maybe here's why).  But overall she was happy to be back in the ballpark.

"It was great to be out with friends to a game and the stadium is as beautiful as ever!" said Driscoll

Here are some of her observations from Friday night Dodgers-Padres game:

Dodger Mask Cam

Getting In

Tickets are purchased online and received through the MLB app. Entrance was made very easy by standing on the circle pod (photographed at the top) with your group … no paper tickets."

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Stadium Seating

We sat in section 1RS, which is a reserved section up high (3 levels) and directly behind home plate. It was so joyous just being there! The excitement was palpable among patrons and staff.  Many fans were making noise by banging on seat backs in front of them, as seating was socially distanced by blocking off groups seated in pods of from one to 8 people. After the game (we lost to SD Padres, 6-1) both the Padre and Dodger fans were enjoying each other in happy conversations. 

Sorry, No Friday Fireworks

I was hoping for the usual Friday night fireworks, but they did not have them. Hopefully as more restrictions are lifted, they will again cap off Friday night games.

Dodger Dogs

Dodger Dog? Covid precautions dictate they come with little packets of condiments and by the time they are delivered to you the bun is soggy … probably from a steam table after being wrapped. Think I'll head for the Mexican food next time."

Dodger Stadium view April 23,2021

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