Good Evening!

It's Sunday, Oct. 27. It turned out to be a much cooler day than yesterday, but Monday is expected to be a bit warmer.   

Here are some headlines, tweets, photos, links and notes that were posted during the day:

Don Cheadle was in Echo Park Sunday during a tribute to John Singleton at Ava DuVernay's Array complex on Glendale Boulevard.

Virgil Village Dumpster Fire

Virgil Village dumpster fire close up

A recycling dumpster caught fire in the garage of 4150 Marathon St. (CitiZen Apartments) in Virgil Village at about 3:15am, said an Eastsider tipster who provided these photos. "The buildings fire alarms notified all tenants to evacuate and there were no injuries. Firefighters responded and pulled the dumpster out of the garage, then extinguished the flames."

There were two other fires nearby this morning. A fire destroyed a vacant apartment building at 4760 W Melrose Ave. this morning and a small trash fire was reported near Temple and Dillon streets.

We also had an unconfirmed tip of a house fire in Silver Lake near Teviot Street and Silver Lake Boulevard.

A prayer service is scheduled tonight for park ranger Alberto Torres at Forest Lawn Hollywood. A funeral service is scheduled for Monday morning, and it appears that another service is planned for Monday afternoon in Elysian Park (still trying to confirm those details.)


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