Good Afternoon!

It's Saturday, Nov. 23. It's been a beautiful day with clear skies. You can expect more of the same on Sunday, with highs in the low to mid 70s.

Here are some of the headlines, news and notes that popped up on our radar and inbox today:

There was a robbery or attempted robbery at the Chase Bank in Eagle Rock on Friday afternoon. But it's been difficult to get details from the LAPD today about what happened. A spokeswoman at the FBI, however, said a robbery did take place at about 12:30 pm at the bank at Colorado and Eagle Rock boulevard. A person was taken into custody but she had no further details and it does not look like the FBI will be handling the case, so it's back in the LAPD's court. 

There's an effort to try and block the demolition of a hillside bungalow court in Echo Park. The Echo Park Neighborhood Council on Tuesday will be voting on whether or not to support having the Stires Staircase Bungalow Court at 1251-1259 W Sunset Blvd. declared a city historic monument.  The owners want to demolish the bungalows for a new housing project, according to a story in Curbed about replacing rent-controlled units lost to new development. Having the bungalows declared a historic monument would make demolition more difficult. The ultimate decision would rest with the Cultural Heritage Commission and City Council.

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