Smoke from Atwater Village recycling yard fire

Smoke from the Atwater Village recycling yard fire as viewed on Friday from the edge of Angeleno Heights.

If you have been smelling smoke this morning, you are not alone.

Reports of a smoky smell in places like Los Feliz, Atwater Village and Silver Lake have been popping up on Twitter. Meanwhile, the L.A. Fire Department has received a large number of complaints of smoke from the Atwater Village area to Downtown, said department spokesman Nicholas Prange.

It's not clear, however, if the smoke you are smelling is from last night's fire in North Atwater Village, where a recycling yard burned for hours, or another major fire in North Hollywood, which burned several commercial buildings.

"Both are still smoldering," said Prange. "They continue to put out smoke."

He said fire units remain at the scenes of both fires.

What to do about that smoky smell?

Prange said your best bet is to close your windows and stay indoors.

smoldering Atwater Village recycling yard fire.

Smoke rises Saturday morning from the smoldering Atwater Village recycling yard fire.

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