Grass and brush fires have been reported tonight in El Sereno and Montecito Heights as the 4th of July brought its annual thunder of illegal fireworks pounding across the Eastside.

The L.A. Fire Department extinguished a grass fire that broke out at 9:20 pm in the 400 block of E Montecito Dr. near Debs Park. 

Earlier, around 6 p.m. in the 4200 block of Mercury Avenue in El Sereno, 38 firefighters extinguished a grass fire in 16 minutes, said Nicholas Prange with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

No injuries were reported and or structures damaged in either blaze.

Meanwhile, fireworks were lighting up the night across many neighborhoods as many ignored the illegal ban on fireworks in the City of Los Angeles. 

"It's insane over here," said one Highland Park reader.

The Los Angeles Fire Department reports it has responded to 29 structure fires, 12 brush fires, 17 grass fires, 65 tree fires and 116 rubbish fires Saturday.

The Los Angeles Police Department's Communications Division tweeted that it had more than 1,000 online reports of fireworks pending as of 10:05 p.m. About 150 calls were being held on the non-emergency line, according to the division.

The LAPD was so swamped that it asked the public not to call 9-1-1 for illegal fireworks unless someone was injured or there was a fire.

The department said the lines needed to remain open for life-threatening emergencies. The public was advised to instead call 8-7-7-ASK-L-A-P-D directly or to report it online.

Tonight's barrage of firepower came after the LAPD reported a large increase in complaints about fireworks in the weeks leading up to the holiday. 

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