Echo Park tagging

How long does it take to get graffiti and tagging cleaned up? Significantly less under Mayor Eric Garcetti's proposed $14.3 million budget for the Office of Community Beautification

It's been taking more time for crews to complete requests to clean up tagging and graffiti.  

In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, 86% of requests were completed within 48 hours, according to a report filed with budget documents. But that rate is expected to fall to 78% during the current year. 

For the coming fiscal year (July 2019 - June 2020), the Office of Community Beautification is, which contracts out graffiti removal and other trash clean ups, is projecting that 85% of requests will be completed in 48 hours.

Meanwhile, 75% of graffiti removal requests will be completed within 24 hours of being reported compared to 68% this year. At least that's the target.

Will clean up crews come close to meeting those future goals?

You can always find out by reporting tagging by calling 311 or by filing an online request.

Graffiti Removal Response Times

The city expects to have graffiti cleaned up faster during the coming fiscal year.

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