El Sereno to make room for Rose Hills

Photo from the LA-32 Neighborhood Council website

The City Council on Wednesday weighed in on a long-running battle to officially name a section of  El Sereno as “Rose Hills.”  In a defeat for the El Sereno Historical Society, the council approved a motion by Councilman Jose Huizar to install several “Rose Hills” neighborhood signs.

The exact boundaries of Rose Hills, which appears to spread across the blocks and hills west of Huntington Drive and Mission Road, remain unclear. Not even the council motion provides boundaries, just five locations – including Huntington Drive and Collis Avenue and Soto Street and Mission Road – for the signs.

Some Rose Hills signs had appeared a few years ago but there’s no record of the City Council voting on the issue and it’s not clear who removed the signs.

It would not be the first time a section of El Sereno has been renamed. The area around Cal State L.A., for example, is now “University Hills” while “Hillside Village” is the name applied to area around Wilson High.

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