Echo Park construction site close up

Echo Park construction site.

"Who do I call about all this noise?!"

Well, what kind of noise are you talking about?

The Eastside has a full menu of clamor and distractions that can wake you up, ruin your podcast recordings, and frighten your pets: Construction, fireworks, landscaping equipment, barking dogs, films production, and of course, helicopters.

So. Many. Helicopters.

The following is a list of resources for filing complaints about the noise - depending on what kind of noise it is.


LAPD helicopters:

Call LAPD Air Support Division 1-213-485-2600

L.A. County Sheriff’s Department helicopters:

Los Angeles County Sheriff Department dispatch (LASD): 1-562-421-2701

Sheriff’s Department’s general complain form.

Other helicopters:

** Federal Aviation Administration - Noise Ombudsman


Voice mail: 1-202-267-3521.

Snail mail:

Federal Aviation Administration

Aviation Noise Ombudsman, AEE-2

800 Independence Ave. S.W.

Washington, DC 20591

** Regional Ombudsman for Southern California

Ivan Gutierrez


Phone: 1-424-405-8020

Online contact form.


Noise or not, fire works are illegal. So they can be reported through the usual channels of municipal services and law enforcement. 

Police non-emergency phone

1-877-ASK-LAPD, or 1-877-275-5273

City services

Phone - 311

Online complaint portal

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Most of us have a barking dog or two somewhere nearby. A few poor souls even live within crowing range of a rooster. Try the following resources:

City of Los Angeles

Barking dog complaints must be submitted in writing to your local Animal Care and Control Center with the name, address, and telephone number of the complainant, a description of the nuisance, and the name and address of the dog owner.

If you live within the City of Los Angeles, the local animal control center is:

North Central Animal Care and Control Center

3201 Lacy Street

Los Angeles, CA 90031

1-888-4LAPET1 (1-888-452-7381)


East Los Angeles 

If you live in unincorporated East LA, contact:

L.A. County Animal Care and Control - Noise complaint form

Other Noise

Gas leaf blower

City of L.A., Bureau of Street Services - 1-213-847-6000

Fixed equipment

(Includes industrial and commercial machinery and equipment such as pumps, fans, compressors, air conditioners, and refrigeration equipment.)

Department of Building and Safety: 1-213-252-3039

Film shoots

Film LA: 1-213-977-8600

Construction, deliveries, trash pick-up, and nightclubs

LAPD Noise Enforcement Team - 1-213-996-1250 

Construction - allowable hours:

  • Monday through Friday, 7 am to 9 pm
  • Saturdays and National Holidays, 8 am to 6 pm
  • Sundays, no construction except for residents

Trash pick-up - allowable hours, if the trash bin is within 200 feet of a resident:

  • 6 am to 9 pm

Deliveries - allowable hours, within 200 feet of a resident:

  • 7 am to 10 pm


  • Clubs are in violation of the noise ordinance if they exceed the ambient noise level of their area by more than five decibels.

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