The budget includes $200,000 to pay for restrooms at the Albion Park in Lincoln Heights now under construction


The current city budget totals nearly $10 billion. Much of that is devoted to salaries and support ongoing programs and services. But the massive spending plan also includes money to pay for all or portions of projects in your neighborhood.

The budget items range  from $5,000 for gardening classes in Highland Park to a whopping $28.14 million for a park under the new Sixth Street Bridge in Boyle Heights.

Here’s a sample of of upcoming public works projects in Council District 1, Council District 13 and District 14. Keep in mind that this year’s budget may cover only a portion of the total cost needed to complete some of these projects. Also, many start or completion dates are still being determined.

Boyle Heights

One concept for East Park under the new 6th Street Bridge

Name of Project: 6th Street PARC/Bridge Replacement Project funds

  • Description:  Funding for the new 6th Street Bridge PARC improvements, including soccer fields, basketball courts and a bike path on the Boyle Heights side.
  • Amount: $28.14 million
  • Start/Completion Date: Amenities construction starts fall 2019 with completion scheduled for fall 2020.

Cypress Park

Name of Project: Cypress Park Pedestrian Bridge Safety Improvements

  • Description: Perform above-deck repairs to fencing, enhanced lighting, and pathway enhancements on the pedestrian bridge over the 110 Freeway near Arroyo Seco Avenue.
  • Amount: $200,000
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

Eagle Rock

Colorado Boulevard bus lane rendering | Courtesy Metro

Name of Project: Colorado Boulevard Active Transportation Project

  • Description: ‘Take Back the Boulevard’ is a community effort led The Eagle Rock Association (TERA) and Councilmember Jose Huizar to improve safety for pedestrians, bikes and cars on Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock. This year’s budget funded Bureau of Street Lighting staff to facilitate the design and construction of street improvements for this project.
  • Amount: N/A
  • Start/Completion Date: Start 2019. Completion winter 2020

Echo Park & Solano Canyon

Dodger Home Opener gridlock

Name of Project: Dodgers Traffic Study

  • Description: Update traffic plan for neighborhoods surrounding Dodger Stadium
  • Amount: $20,000
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

Name of Project: Alvarado Street Bulkhead

  • Description: Funding is provided by the Special Gas Tax Street Improvement Fund to replace the existing timber bulkhead with a new bulkhead with steel piles and concrete lagging to restore lateral support to the roadway.
  • Amount: $294,000
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

El Sereno

Name of Project: Dudley Drive Reconstruction

  • Description: Previously, Dudley Drive couldn’t be resurfaced because the street condition was past repair. The construction timeline is to be determined.
  • Amount $700,000
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

Glassell Park

Name of Project: Glassell Park Recreation Center Shade Structure

  • Description: Fabrication and installation of shade structure at playground
  • Amount: $100,000
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

Name of Project: Glassell Park Senior Center Improvements

  • Description: Facility floor and paint work and additional improvements
  • Amount: $50,000
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

Name of Project: Kinney Street Improvements

  • Description: Street improvements include grading, widening, and new lighting
  • Amount: $1,700,00
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD


Name of Project: Via Marisol Reconstruction

  • Description:This project will repair street damage on Via Marisol near the Hermon Dog Park. Exact scope and timeline are yet to be determined.
  • Amount: $2.3 million
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

Highland Park

Name of Project: Highland Park Veterans Square Fountain Restoration

  • Description: Repair broken fountain and perform other enhancements at location
  • Amount: $50,000
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

Name of Project: Ave 56 Milagro Garden

  • Description: Nonprofit grant to conduct gardening classes and perform small improvements at site
  • Amount: $5,000
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

Name of Project: Sycamore Grove Park‘s Arroyo Seco Urban Runoff Project

  • Description: For the interception of dry-weather flow from a 200-acre drainage area at Sycamore Grove Park to be filtered and reused for park purposes. Funding is provided by the General Fund.
  • Amount: $200,940
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

Lincoln Heights

Name of Project: Albion Riverside Park Restrooms

  • Description: Fabrication and installation of restrooms at  Albion Riverside Park, which is scheduled to open in January 2019.
  • Amount: $250,000
  • Completion Date: January 2019

Name of Project: The Wall Las Memorias

  • Description: Improve landscape, increase lighting, and add artistic elements to site
  • Amount: $500,000
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

Mount Washington

Name of Project: Carlin G. Smith Rec Center Improvements

  • Description: Various park improvements to be determined through assessment by park staff and community
  • Amount: $125,000
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

Silver Lake

Name of Project: Glendale Boulevard  Rockfall Mitigation Project

  • Description: Funding will go towards the installation of 6,300-square-feet of wire mesh on a hazardous slope to protect the roadway at Glendale Boulevard and Bancroft Avenue.
  • Amount: $531,000
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

Name of Project: Silver Lake Boulevard Underpass Arch Project

  • Description: Funding will go toward pedestrian and safety enhancements to the Silver Lake Boulevard underpass at Sunset Boulevard, including sidewalk improvements, guardrails, and a curb extension to protect pedestrian traffic along the roadway.
  • Amount: $980,000
  • Start/Completion Date: TBD

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