Campers and RVs parked on Bellevue in Angelino Heights

Campers and RVs parked on Bellevue Street in Angeleno Heights.

A pair of proposals that would prohibit RVs and campers from parking overnight on several streets in Angeleno Heights and Los Feliz are now making their way through City Hall.

Similar proposals that target "oversized vehicles" have been adopted in recent years as officials respond to complaints about homeless individuals living in RVs and campers that tend to cluster on certain streets and park for long periods of time.

The motions introduced separately by two different City Council members don't mention the homeless. Instead, they say the vehicles "create dangerous situations" by constricting traffic lanes or are associated with "public safety issues."

Vehicles that are taller than 84 inches or longer than 22 feet can be ticketed and towed if they park between 2 am and 6 am in the restricted zones

Here's the rundown of the proposed parking bans:

Angeleno Heights

Los Feliz

The new parking bans will be considered after the city recently reinstated the overnight restrictions on sleeping in cars in residential areas.

City officials have also faced criticism for being slow to establish what are called "safe parking" lots where the homeless can park their vehicles overnight without facing tickets. 

One such safe parking lot would be created in Echo Park at the Edendale Library on Sunset Boulevard near Alvarado. 

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