Nithya Raman

The campaign to recall Councilwoman Nithya Raman of Silver Lake was halted today, with organizers saying they would not be able to obtain the required number of petition signatures by the November 4 deadline.

Proponents said that they had collected thousands of signatures of registered voters in Council District 4. But the campaign, in a statement issued this afternoon,  blamed “ virus related challenges” and “overly complex rules”  for making it unlikely to collect collecting 27,405 signatures -- 15% of the district's registered voters.

But organizers behind CD4 for CD4, the political action committee behind the recall, say their efforts are far from over and are considering forming a new PAC with a broader agenda. 

"We've connected a large and diverse group of people who are passionate about making Los Angeles safer, cleaner, and healthier," said Proponent Susan Collins. "We intend to be back and strategic about making the most impact.”

In response, Raman said: "This recall attempt never got in the way of doing what we were elected decisively to do. I love the people and the neighborhoods of this district and will continue to work with them to make this an even better place to live, work, and raise our children." 

Raman had been in office for only about six months when her recall notice was served last in June. The effort, which is led by Los Feliz Ledger publisher Allison Cohen, alleged that Raman is putting her "personal homelessness ideology over constituent safety."

Raman responded to the recall effort with a statement June 15, saying: "I love the people and the neighborhoods of this district. That's why I ran to represent it. I invite the organizers of this recall to work with me on making it an even better place to live, work and raise our children."

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