Work to resume on Montecito Heights solar panel project

A Montecito Heights nursing home will be allowed to finish the installation of more than 1,400 solar panels on a hillside near Debs Park, officials with Councilman Ed Reyes said today.  The City Council ordered a temporary halt to the project in late September after residents complained about the safety and aesthetics of the solar array being built on a hillside owned by the Broadview nursing home on Griffin Avenue.  Reyes spokesman Tony Perez said work can resume but the city, which was threatened with legal action by Broadview’s contractors, will work on a system that would allow Broadview to relocate some solar panels off their property at a later date but still benefit from financial incentives and subsidies for generating solar power.

Other residents who were briefed on the matter, which came up before the City Council today,  said discussions between the city and Broadview could also lead to moving some of the top tier of poles further down the hillside; seeding the hill with native plants and painting the the solar panel poles so they would be less visible. The Eastsider, however,  could not immediately confirm those details.

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Photo by Martha Benedict

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