Kevin De León

Kevin De León

District 14 Councilman Kevin de Leon was served a recall notice today, making him the third L.A. City Council member to be targeted for a recall from constituents upset with their handling of the city's homelessness crisis.

"They're basically citing the fact that he's building the tiny homes project both in Highland Park and presumably in Eagle Rock, and according to them ... it's a `crime against humanity,"' de Leon's communications director Pete Brown told City News Service.

The effort is being led by Pauline Adkins, Brown said. On her Facebook page, Adkins wrote:

"Putting that tiny house village across from Eagle Rock Park, could put your child at risk, might it be worth it to put the tiny home project on hold, at least until there is data to prove (our) families are safe ..."

De Leon has spearheaded temporary homeless housing in Eagle Rock and Highland Park

Tiny home villages are meant to serve as interim housing amid a historic homelessness and affordable housing crisis in Los Angeles. Crews broke ground on June 29 on a 224-bed tiny home village in Highland Park.

"I'm proud to stand with so many leaders and members of the Highland Park community to break ground on this important project that will provide a safe refuge to our most vulnerable community members now experiencing homelessness," De Leon said at the groundbreaking.

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That village, called the "Arroyo Seco Tiny Home Village" is expected to be the largest in California and completed in three months.

Silver Lake's Nithya Raman is also facing a recall

In addition to De Leon, another Eastside city council member, Nithya Raman, whose Council District 4 includes Los Feliz and a portion of Silver Lake, is also the subject of a recall. On the Westside, a petition for the recall of Councilman Mike Bonin was approved for circulation, and on July 9, a recall petition for Councilwoman Nithya Raman was approved.

The recalls against Bonin and Raman have also been driven in part by anger over how the council members have handled the city's homelessness crisis.

Under Los Angeles' recall rules, constituents are able to sign petitions to recall council members starting four weeks after the notices are served. To get the recall effort on the ballot, campaigns have 120 days to obtain verified signatures from 15% of the districts' registered voters.

The petition's deadline is Nov. 10 for Bonin's recall and it needs at least 27,387 signatures from qualified registered voters in his district. The effort against Raman requires at least 27,405 signatures by Nov. 4.

If the petition to recall de Leon is approved, it would need about 21,000 signatures within 120 days.

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