Want a speed hump on your street?  Now is your time to act

Every eight months the city Department of Transportation accepts applications for 450 speed humps from residents eager to slow down traffic on their streets. They go fast.

Last Wednesday, the LADOT website began accepting requests for humps from across the city, with 30 allocated to each of the city's 15 council districts. One day later, the the maximum number of requests had been submitted. No more applications were being accepted.

"It is typically very competitive with all the slots being filled quickly," said Colin Sweeney, a spokesman for the L.A. Department of Transportation. "A few years ago it was about three days for all the applications to be filled. Now, approximately 50% are filled within the first 90 minutes of the cycle opening."

But applying for speed humps might get easier if Councilman David Ryu, who represents Los Feliz and a portion of Silver Lake, gets his way.

Last week, on the same day the LADOT was accepting speed hump requests, Ryu introduced a council motion intended to expand the speed hump program.

Under his proposal, residents or neighborhood groups could offer to pay for the humps if they also contributed an amount to install humps in poorer communities that could not afford to do the same.

"Residents and neighborhood organizations have offered to fund the installation of speed humps on their streets," said Ryu's motion. "However, allowing individual communities to fund their own speed humps could create issues of inequity across the City."

If approved by the City Council, city staff would be instructed to study the feasibility of the proposal.

But Ryu's proposal is not going to help those who missed out on last week's application period. They will have to be quick to request a hump when the LADOT starts accepting another round of applications at  8 am "sharp" on Wednesday, Sept. 14. 

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