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Opponents running against incumbent David Ryu in the Council District 4 election have faulted him over his actions on homelessness and political contributions from real estate interests, reports the L.A. Times in a preview of he March primary election.

Ryu, whose sprawling district includes Los Feliz and a corner of Silver Lake, has defended himself, pointing out his efforts to speed up construction of temporary homeless shelters and build long-term housing. The first-time councilmember also rebuffed criticism that his ordinance to restrict campaign contributions from real estate developers to city officials did not go far enough. 

 “It’s easy on the activist side to point fingers,” Ryu told the Times.

Here are the Council District 4 candidates who qualified to appear on the ballot of the March 3 primary:


Homelessness Nonprofit Leader


Los Angeles City Councilmember


Writer/Women's Advocate

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