An innovative idea or a distraction? Public weighs in on Elon Musk’s underground line to Dodger Stadium

Echo Park - Remember the tunnel that Elon Musk was going to dig to Dodger Stadium? With electric cars to ferry passengers from a Metro station in East Hollywood to the game?

That was supposed to be done by today, Bloomberg News points out.

In fact, the plan was to finish it months ago. Musk wanted to have it ready for the opening game of the 2020 baseball season - which, in a normal baseball year, would have been last spring.

But even with a severely delayed season opener against the San Francisco Giants, the tunnel is on hold, and fans would have to sit through traffic if they tried to attend the game in person. Which they can't do anyway.

There's no tunnel, of course, for the same reason there was almost no baseball. The pandemic stopped everything.

But that doesn't mean plans for the tunnel are no longer in play.

Read more at Bloomberg.

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