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Council District 14 candidates Jamie Tijerina and real estate broker Hal Bastian failed to qualify for the ballot for the March election. Why? Because they did not collect the 500 voter signatures required to appear on the ballot, reports The L.A. Times.

Tijerina, a scientist and NELA activist and Bastian, were among the 18 candidate running citywide who did not get enough signatures to qualify. The Times notes that the share of those candidates who filed to run in the race but did not qualify for the ballot - more than 35% -- was the highest in the last four regular and special elections.

Candidates can still seek to get voters to write-in their name on their ballots on election day, but such write-in campaigns usually have little chances of succeeding.

Some of the candidates say the qualifying process needs to be changed, noting that other candidates running for other government offices frequently have to turn in far fewer voter signatures. The large number of people who couldn't collect enough signatures “means there’s something wrong with the process,”  Tijerina told the Times.

The Council District 14 candidates who will appear on the March ballot are:

  • RAQUEL ZAMORA Mother/Educator/Businesswoman
  • CYNDI OTTESON Mother/Organizer/Businesswoman
  • KEVIN DE LEÓN Teacher/Environmental Policymaker
  • JOHN JIMENEZ Nonprofit Organization Executive
  • MÓNICA GARCÍA School Board Member

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