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A Roundup of Eastside News & Info 

Caltrans has ordered activists to leave state-owned homes in El Sereno, which they have been occupying illegally, ABC7 reported. Activists from the group Reclaiming Our Homes moved into 12 homes in the area a week before Governor Newsom's stay-at-home order was implemented. The state initially bought the homes to demolish them, in an effort to extend the 710 freeway. But that extension was formally abandoned in 2018. The homes are to eventually be sold but that process has yet to materialize. 

An Eagle Rock man has made a three-minute film about saying goodbye to his dying grandmother while still having to maintain social distancing, the Pasadena Star News reported. David Lopez's grandmother, 83-year-old Amparo Morales, died on April 19 from COVID-19.  The family could only say their goodbyes - and express their grief - through an iPhone, on FaceTime. "I wanted to make something that shows how raw and real this is," he told the Star News. "It’s cruel that you can’t say goodbye to a loved one in person."

If COVID-19 doesn't kill you, bureaucracy might. ABC7 reports on Timothy Bronson, a manager of Super A Foods Grocery Store in Glassell Park, and his struggle to get plasma from a recovered COVID-19 patient. One potential donor was gay - and an old FDA regulation bars homosexual men from donating plasma. Even beyond that, Bronson's doctor noted that recovered COVID patients need a second test to prove they're negative - and many people are having trouble getting that test. "I just don't see a strong effort nationwide to go after these patients to obtain their plasma. I'm not sure why," said Bronson's doctor, Dr. Elbert Chang, director of pulmonary at San Antonio Regional Medical Center.

A former child star will make deliver cocktails and deliver them to your door - to benefit kittens, the Los Angeles Times reported. Quinn Cummings - who starred long ago in "The Goodbye Girl" and "Family," and is now an author - is offering artisanal drinks via Twitter to anyone within a reasonable distance of her home in Atwater Village - asking in return for a donation to the Santé D’Or Foundation, an Atwater Village pet adoption agency. "I have weird hobbies," she told the Times, "like making people drinks. I love it because it is a small problem I can solve — like a puzzle — and then you have a beautiful cocktail."

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