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A Roundup of Eastside News & Info 

Lead poisoning in Boyle Heights hasn't ended just because it doesn't appear very much in the news anymore. L.A. Taco examines areas affected by toxins from the former Exide battery recycling plant in the nearby city of Vernon. Exide managed to gather more than 100 violations from the state’s toxic substance control agency, the Department of Toxic Substances Control. But the nearby communities - which included Boyle Heights and East L.A. — mostly  weren't aware of the dangerous particles. But four years after Exide was forced to close down, only 788 homes have been cleaned, though thousands have been identified as toxic. 

For anyone who wants to delve deeper into the gentrification of Eagle Rock and Highland Park, Professor Jan Lin of Occidental College lays it all out in his new book, “Taking Back the Boulevard,” according to KCET. "Taking back," in the book, "refers to the social agency of people who take to the streets to oppose unwanted urban development, gentrification, and the accompanying eviction and displacement, gentrification, and the accompanying eviction and displacement process and demands for housing rights.” The book focuses especially on the evolution of Figueroa and Colorado Boulevards over the last 100 years or so.

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