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Glendale officer benched after shooting at alleged cell phone snatcher, Cal State L.A. pays $2.75 million in sexual harassment suit and what to watch for in Rep. Adam Schiff’s new term in historic Congress. News & Notes Monday edition:

Cal State University Los Angeles’ sexual harassment payout

The university settled a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by a former high-ranking official in the El Sereno school’s athletic department for $2.75 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Former Olympian and former senior associate athletic director Shelia Hudson accused the university’s ex-athletic director Mike Garrett of calling women in the department “sexist names,” such as `Sweetheart,’ ‘Love,’ and ‘Babe.’ She also accused the school of retaliating when she produced a report showing gender pay gaps in the department. Garrett was also former head of USC’s athletic department.

Neither party assumed any liability or wrongdoing under the settlement agreement. Under the terms, Los Angeles Times reports, the university also dropped its suit against Hudson, which accused her of illegally and secretly recording conversations with four employees. Hudson will no longer be able to hold a post in the university system and she must delete social media references to the litigation.

Glendale officer reassigned after Eagle Rock Plaza shooting

A Glendale police officer was reassigned to desk duty and is being investigated after having shot at a robbery suspect in the parking lot of Eagle Rock Plaza Wednesday afternoon. The incident began when a woman reported her cell phone stolen near the mall’s Target store.

The Glendale News Press  reported the officer, whose information hadn’t been released, fire four rounds at the suspect as he drove away.

Surveillance  footage showed the suspect,  “backed out at a high rate of speed at our officer,” a department spokesperson told the Press.

The suspect, later identified as 28-year-old Joseph Vincent Esposito Jr. of Los Angeles, later surrendered to police. He was arrested on suspicion of robbery and later released on $50,ooo bail. His car was found abandoned nearby.

The go-to Democrat on the Russia investigation, Rep. Schiff back at it

Eastside representative Rep. Adam Schiff got sworn into the historic 116th Congress on Thursday.

With Democrats taking over the House, Schiff has been elevated to head the House Intelligence committee just as special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury was extended for up to six more months. He’s already threatened to release to Mueller possibly incriminating transcripts of Trump top allies. And he’s not exactly hiding his political ambitions to run for higher office.

But, in a release this week first up is to “re-open the government and bring an end to the President’s decision to shut it down.”

Rachel Uranga is a Los Angeles-based writer

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