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A Roundup of Eastside News & Info 

Councilman David Ryu just got married, while he was in Marrakesh, Morocco, according to Park LaBrea News Beverly Press. He and Regina Young had a small ceremony on Oct. 5 with family and friends. Ryu posted a wedding photo on Instagram, with a message to his wife, saying, "Thank you for letting me spend the rest of my life with you." Ryu represents Council District 4, which includes Los Feliz and parts of Silver Lake.

If you visit Cal State L.A., you'd better be able to climb stairs. University Times toured the campus in late September and found that six out of 50 elevators weren’t working. The unavailable elevators were in the north wing of the library, the Administration building and parking structures A and C. Some are supposed to be fixed within the next year. In some cases, people in wheelchairs have to take large detours to get where they’re going. In other cases … they can’t get there at all.

Columnist Steve Lopez writes about learning Spanish at the Brooklyn Hair Styler salon in Boyle Heights. “I figured I’d find a place where I could hang out now and again,” Lopez writes in the L.A. Times, “a place where I could get conversational Spanish rather than the text-book stuff.” Sounds like he found it. “We hear everything in here,” a stylist named Jomary Avendano said - especially about the customers. “We’re like psychologists. Like therapists. They talk and talk.”

A monument now marks the spot where, 51 years ago, the Glassell Park Improvement Association began its work - planting a small tree. The monument and plaque, which were dedicated on Saturday, in the median of Eagle Rock Blvd at Avenue 40 notes that the pine tree was a gift to the city. 

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