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A Roundup of Eastside News & Info

The East L.A Sheriff's office says it's cracking down on a clique of rogue deputies who have harassed and attacked other deputies, according to ABC7. The Los Angeles Times described the group, Los Banditos, as "a clique of predominantly Latino deputies who wear tattoos of a skeleton with a sombrero, bandolier and pistol and are alleged to routinely harass young Latino officers at the station." A claim of harassment and discrimination has been filed by seven deputies, including one who was beaten up at a department-sponsored party last September for deputies who had just become full-fledged members of the Sheriff’s Department.

Celebrity Cleaners in Los Feliz shares its collection of celebrity head headshots with L.A. Magazine. "I don’t have a favorite photo," said the owner, George Afifi. "They’re my customers. I treat them the same way, whether they’re celebrities or not. Every customer, for me, is a celebrity." The biggest celebrity in the collection, according to Afifi? Tim Curry - even though Rob Reiner is also in there.

A motorcyclist was hurt Monday afternoon in a two-vehicle crash on Interstate 5 in Boyle Heights, according to The Hub. The crash on the southbound freeway, just south of 4th Street, temporarily shut down the numbers 1-to-4 lanes.

Councilman Mitch O'Farrell in an op-ed piece explains why the state should give L.A. $1.2 billion to help house and care for the homeless. State lawmakers recently approved spending an additional $650 million on housing the homeless -- but that money is to be split up among cities across the state. Daily News 

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