A Roundup of Eastside News & Info 

A coyote that had been seen wandering Echo Park and Silver Lake with a dog toy stuck on its mouth has been found dead in an Echo Park backyard, ABC7 reported. The animal had first been seen in mid-August, and apparently had trouble eating and drinking with the red Kong toy lodged by its bottom jaw. City animal control and private rescue groups had been notified, but could not locate the animal in time.

A man and woman suspected of two attempted armed robberies led Sheriff's deputies on a 40-minute car chase through East Los Angeles during rush hour Wednesday, Patch reported. The chase ended with the couple hugging while they were being held them at gunpoint, and deputies moved in to handcuff them. The identities of the suspects were not reported.

Former staff members at Cafe Stella in Silver Lake are accusing the owner of sexual harassment, saying Gareth Kantner would hug them from behind, grab them by the the crotch or press himself against them, LAist reported. Kantner's attorney refuted the accusations, saying that "none of the allegations against Mr. Kantner have any merit and are contradicted by the accounts of numerous employees." Kantner has not been charged with any crime and LAist did not say whether any of the half dozen employees interviewed ever took legal action. Kantner, who owns a home in Elysian Heights, also owns Dinette restaurant in Echo Park.

Plans are advancing for a 100-bed homeless shelter near the Mulholland Fountain, along Riverside Drive in Los Feliz, according to the Los Feliz Ledger. The city’s Parks Commission has now unanimously approved the site for temporary housing, while local community groups have also given broad support.

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