A Roundup of Eastside News & Info 

Masked protestors disrupted the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council’s monthly meeting with a banner saying “Little Tijuana,” LA Taco reported. They were among nearly 50 attendees objecting to a supposed remark by a council member, who allegedly reacted to Glassell Park’s recent boom of street vendors by saying “We do not want a little TJ here.” The council member, Marcie Rose, denied she ever made that statement. But members of the community who attended the meeting the previous month have said otherwise. The remark supposedly came after a community member - identified as “Bradley” - asked the council to deal with the “growing problem” of “unlawful, unlicensed, and unpermitted street vendors in the community of Glassell Park.”

The presidential campaign for Pete Buttigieg has hired Cecilia Cabello, a resident of Echo Park, to run its operation in California, according to Politico. Cabello is a former operative for Mayor Eric Garcetti and state director for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, Politico added. Cabello was also appointed Vice President of L.A.’s Board of Public Works in November 2018.

A woman in Boyle Heights has just finishing giving away 5,000 pairs of shoes in and around East L.A., with the help of community volunteers, according to ABC7. Toni Juarez said she received the shoes from Toms shoe company in August after writing letters to various companies asking for donations for a Christmas parade. She managed to give all the shoes away in about four weeks. Toms promised more shoes for Christmas, Juarez said.

It was after El Sereno painter Tala Madani gave birth of her second child that she stumbled onto an inspiration: A mother made of poo. The L.A. Times talks to Madani, whose other paintings include people vomiting rainbows, feral infants who draw with urine and fat men who ejaculate abstract designs. The excremental mother in particular, however, is the focus of her new exhibition - “S— Moms” - now at David Kordansky Gallery. “I was thinking about my own phobias of failing as a mother,” she told the Times.

Sweetgreen’s new store in Silver Lake features a mural Peter Shire, according to Architectural Digest. A resident and native of Echo Park, Shire is part of the “Memphis Group” of artists and designers, who developed colorful and abstract decoration, and asymmetrical shapes.

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