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A rare bald eagle visitor surprises Glassell Park residents. Suspects charged in a string of restaurant robberies along Colorado Boulevard at the beginning of the year. And Occidental College’s president decides it’s time for a change. It’s News & Notes for Monday:

Bald eagle visits Glassell Park

 Glassell Park Neighborhood’s Facebook page was lit up last week after a Facebook user named Guadalupe Mendoza-de la Torre  posted a video of a rare bald eagle sighting on Cazador Drive. There’s a few images of  the  raptor, which appears to have a numbered tag on its back,  perched on what looks like some kind of pine tree and another of the bird soaring in the air. At one point it looks like a hawk swoops down upon the eagle as it ducks down on its branch. The birds of prey are pretty awesome. Their wing span can reach eight feet.

So, what’s a bald eagle doing in Glassell Park?  We really don’t know. But it happens to be  the migratory season for the majestic bird, once near extinction. Wintering raptors join the small band of California bald eagles between December and March, often near lakes rivers and rangelands. 

Suspects nabbed in string of Eagle Rock restaurant robberies

Two men suspected of a string of robberies along Colorado Boulevard and in neighboring Pasadena earlier this month were charged on 10 counts of commercial burglary, reports MyNewsLA.

The Eastsider reported on the 3-hour early morning crime spree along Eagle Rock’s main drag when it happened. Robbers smashed windows and attempted to pry open doors to steal money from registers and safes at five restaurants: Eagle Rock Italian Bakery, Piencone Pizzeria, Casa Bianca Pizza Pie, Meeas Hot Dog and Thai Coconut. The suspects are identified as Juan Manuel Morales, 19, and Kiyonte Levell Sowell, 18, both of Los Angeles.

Police released a photo of a third suspect who remains at large.

Occidental College president to step down

Occidental College’s president Jonathan Veitch  will step down in 2020 after completing 11 years at the helm, the board of trustees announced Sunday. He’s had some rough years, with campus protests over sexual assault and racial inequality. But Veitch told the Los Angeles Times he doesn’t regret any of it.

A former literature and history professor,  he said will will initially take a sabbatical and do some reflection on the history, tradition and value of the liberal arts especially as a compass for democracy. Then, “who knows,” he wrote in an email to the trustees.

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