A Roundup of Eastside News & Info 

The city of Glendale has given up plans to expand operations at its Scholl Canyon Landfill, which borders Eagle Rock in some areas, according to the Glendale News-Press. This decision apparently just become public, although the decision was apparently made more than a year ago, with Glendale notifying the Los Angeles County sanitation districts in May 2018 that it no longer planned to increase the size of the facility. Hans Johnson, a Glendale resident who presides over the East Area Progressive Democrats, told the News-Press he found out about this only recently through a public records request, and said he was disappointed the city didn’t announce this decision publicly. Though officials once believed the landfill would reach capacity by 2021 or sooner, they now say it has about 10 years left.

A young father of two in Atwater Village is seeking a kidney donor, according to ABC7. Seven years ago, when he was only 33, Ian DeLoach found out he had stage 3 kidney disease - possibly caused by unchecked high blood pressure. DeLoach now depends on dialysis until he finds a donor, who would have to have Type O blood. "I can wait for my name to come up on the list, which can be 8 to 10 years, or we can try to find my own private donor and that's what we're are trying to do," DeLoach told ABC.

A man has pleaded not guilty regarding a shoot-out with police last year at the Silver Lake Trader Joe's, a stand-off that led to the death of store's assistant manager from a police officer's bullet, according to Fox 5. Gene Evin Atkins, 29, 51 counts, including murder and attempted murder. The chain of events began when Atkins allegedly shot his 76-year-old grandmother and his 17-year-old girlfriend. A police chase followed, ending when Atkins reached Silver Lake and ran into the Trader Joe's. At that point, a police bullet fatally struck Melyda Maricela Corado, age 27. Her death is included among the charges against Atkins.

Ceramics artists from the Eastside feature heavily in Surface magazine's profile of people bringing new energy to working with clay. In Highland Park, Eric Roinestad discusses his pottery series inspired by ancient Greek vessels. In Montecito Heights, Bari Ziperstein talks about developing skills and dexterity with her team. Over in Frogtown, Ben Medansky discusses a 50-foot ceramic mural. In Cypress Park, Anna Sew Hoy tries a material version of musical improvisation. And in Glassell Park, Julia Haft-Candell talks about working intuitively and symbolically.

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