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A Roundup of Eastside News & Info 

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Boyle Heights on Monday, helping to give away food baskets and 1,000 turkeys at the Hollenbeck Youth Center, according to KTLA. It was part of the Miracle on First Street holiday program, which was organized by the Los Angeles Police Department, the Hollenbeck Youth Center and Inner City Games.

Dion Neutra, who fought to preserve buildings designed by his famous architect father, has died at the age of 93 at his home on Neutra Place in Silver Lake, the Los Angeles Times reported. His own neighborhood was full of buildings designed by his father, Richard Neutra, an immigrant from Viennese who came to the United States in 1923 to work with Frank Lloyd Wright. The father and son, individually and working together, built hundreds of houses and civic projects. Dion Neutra’s own buildings included the Huntington Beach Central Library and Cultural Center. But Dion Neutra was best known for his campaigns to preserve modernist buildings, such as his failed attempt to save his father’s Cyclorama Center at the Gettysburg National Military Park. It was set to be demolished in the 1990s - and despite Neutra's efforts, was finally taken down in 2013.

As the city's first forest officer tries to figure out how to plant 90,000 trees in Los Angeles over the next two years, she recently visited the city’s first arboretum, in Elysian Park, the L.A. Times reported. She is looking there to help figure out which trees might thrive best in L.A.’s current climate. “It will give us data about what species we have and which are doing well,” said Rachel Malarich, who was appointed in August to her job - and this task - by Mayor Eric Garcetti.

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