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A Roundup of Eastside News & Info 

The Arroyo Seco bike path has been closed since January, and LAist explains why the city still hasn’t even started replacing the 40-foot concrete chunk of the path that washed away amid the heavy rains last winter. For one thing, a spokesperson for the L.A. Department of Transportation said, the city didn’t conduct a damage assessment until May because of the extended rainy season. Only then could they develop a repair plan, apply for permits and research possible detour routes. And then comes a bigger problem: Bureaucracy. Because of the path’s components and location, repairs will involve coordinating the LADOT, the County Flood Control District, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. By the way, why haven’t detour signs been posted? That requires permission from South Pasadena - which didn’t give it. Stay tuned.

Cal State Los Angeles in El Sereno now ranks 31st among all private and public universities in the western United States in the U.S. News & World Report 2020 Best Colleges rankings. A statement from Cal State L.A. notes this is 21 spots higher than the previous year. Among public universities in the West, Cal State LA ranks 12th, one step up from last year. The review in U.S. News takes particular note of Cal State L.A.'s programs in criminalistics, engineering, nursing and science.

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