Gentification: L.A. Times columnist Gustavo Arellano takes a look at the clash between “chipsters” – Chicano hipsters — and Latino anti-gentrification activists in Boyle Heights and other neighborhoods. He hopes the two groups can find a middle ground. “This may look like an intraethnic fight, but how it plays out could have implications for the future of urban neighborhoods across the country.” L.A. Times

Film: The premier of Under The Silver Lake, a mystery film featuring a Silver Lake hipster, met with mixed reviews from critics at Cannes. “Those very same qualities that allow “Under The Silver Lake” to so thoroughly evoke both the city of Los Angeles and a certain Angelino lifestyle also turn the film into a bit of a mess,” says The Wrap.  Meanwhile, Vulture says that director Robert Mitchell “has crafted a deliberately overwrought mystery that almost feels like a work of interpretive (to put it mildly) anthropology.” The Guardian describes it as a “catastrophically boring, callow and indulgent LA mystery noir.”

Trees:  Developers and property owners who were once required to replace street trees that they cut down will now be able to pay the city a fee ranging from $267 to $2,612 to pay for planting replacement trees nearby. L.A. Times

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Real Estate: Two Vacant Remodeled Homes on a Lot in Atwater Village (Sponsored)

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Silver Lake Reservoir View | Sandy Driscoll

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