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Homicide detectives investigating Griffith Park death

The county coroner determined that a woman whose body was found in a sleeping bag near Red Oak and Fern Dell drives was the victim of foul play, reports the L.A. Times. LAPD has opened an investigation but no details have been revealed about how the woman died.

Lincoln Heights sewer repairs moved up to avoid collapse

What’s with all those big pipes that have been installed on portions of Riverside Drive in Lincoln Heights? Those pipes will temporarily carry sewage as the sanitation department prepares to repair an 80-year-old sewer line that engineers fear may collapse, says Laist.

In fact, there is a chance that failure of the 48-wide sewer could create a sinkhole underneath the Metrolink tracks that run through the area. That prompted officials to move up the $17 million repair project, said Laist.

Silver Lake family fights eviction

Supporters gathered to protest the looming eviction of a family from a Waverly Drive apartment where they have lived for 17 years, reports KTLA. The family had lost their legal battle to remain in the apartment, which the landlord wants to renovate and rent out to new tenants, says the family.

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