A distraught Atwater Village man fatally shot himself  Thursday night, prompting police to close off nearby streets during an investigation.  The man shot himself in the head after talking with another  family member, said Capt. William Murphy with the LAPD Northeast Division.  “This is a coroner investigation and we held the scene so they could conduct their investigation,” he said.  “We also brought out crisis response personnel to deal with the family’s grief.” He had no further details about the incident

One resident who lives nearby said she and her husband were passing by the corner of Valleybrink Road and Sunnynook Drive at about 6:45 p.m. and saw that Sunnynook was closed off with police caution tape and that a body covered with a sheet was on the ground. “We asked neighbors; no one knew what happened but heard gun shots shortly before,” she said.

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