Repaving on Eagle Rock Boulevard

A section of Eagle Rock Boulevard between Chickasaw and Norwalk was repaved as road work shifted to major commercial corridors during the pandemic.

Stretches of York and Eagle Rock boulevards in Eagle Rock and Highland Park have been shut down this week as the city has moved up resurfacing projects on major commercial boulevards during the coronavirus outbreak.

The idea of what's called the ADAPT program is to take advantage of a significant drop in traffic on what are normally busy commercial corridors related to stay-at-home orders and business closures, according to the Bureau of Street Services.

Meanwhile, repaving and resurfacing has been shifted away from residential streets to avoid causing too much disruption for residents staying at home during the pandemic.

As a result, some street work planned for later in the year is taking place now. That's the case in on York Boulevard between Avenue 50 and Eagle Rock Boulevard, said a spokesman for the Bureau of Street Services. Some of that work should be completed today (April 15), he said.

Street sweepers are also being redirected away from residential streets, where street sweeping parking restrictions have been suspended, to major boulevards, including portions of Figueroa Street in Cypress Park, Mission Road in Lincoln Heights, Cesar Chavez Avenue in Boyle Heights and Temple Street in Echo Park. Here's a map of the new street sweeping areas.

"By maximizing our resources in this way, we can accomplish more with the same resources and help prepare the City for a post-coronavirus recovery," according to the Bureau of Street Services website.

Check this page for more updates on accelerated street paving projects.

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