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It's Wednesday, Nov. 27. After things cleared up this afternoon, showers are expected to return tonight and on Thanksgiving Day, when the high will reach only the low 50s Bundle up!

Here are some of the headlines, news and notes that popped up on our radar and in our inbox today.

Firefighters rescued a man holding on to a tree in the L.A. River this morning. The man was located about half a mile south of the Colorado Street bridge.

Crisis counselors will be assigned to Ivanhoe Elementary to help students and staff deal with the arrest of teacher Molly Jane Hoene, the alleged hit-and-run driver who struck a cyclist. The counselors will be present on  Monday when classes at the highly regarded Silver Lake school resume after the Thanksgiving break, said Ivanhoe Principal Lynda Rescia in a notice sent to parents. "I know this is disturbing news, and I want to reassure everyone that the well-being of our students and staff remains my top priority," said Rescia. "I continue to thank the Ivanhoe community for your unwavering understanding and support."

Rainy Day in the Garden

Rainy Day in the Garden

The plants in Sandy Driscoll's Silver Lake garden already seem to be perking in up after today's rains. 

How do East L.A. firefighters celebrate the arrival of a new engine? By pushing the 50,000 vehicle into the firehouse. It's a tradition that date backs to the era when horse-drawn engines had to be disconnected from the horses and pushed back into the station by firefighters. 

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