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A recap of some of the past week’s scenes, sightings and stories from across the Eastside.

A man charged with a murder from 39 years ago has begun facing trial. Harold Anthony Parkinson, 60, is charged with the August 1980 killing of Stephanie Sommers, who was bludgeoned in the head with an eight-pound weight and was stabbed 16 times in an apartment on the 3500 block of Marathon Street in Silver Lake. The Eastsider

Three burglary suspects were killed and a fourth hospitalized in critical condition when their vehicle they were in rolled over and crashed at the end of a brief police pursuit in Silver Lake. The pursuit began after officers observed a burglary in progress at the Shoe Palace store in Echo Park.  The Eastsider

The 101 Freeway was closed for 10 hours in Hollywood on Tuesday because a man was threatening to jump from an overpass. Heavy traffic spilled out onto surface streets. L.A. Times

Seventy dead cats - so far - have been found buried in the front yard of a Highland Park home, a surprise for the new homeowners who had only bought the house last year. Turns out the previous owner was known as the Cat Lady. A clerk at the local pet store even recognized the address. "'So, how is it in there?' the salesman asked delicately." Los Angeles Magazine

Notice the smell of burning plastic this weekend? A fire at a recycling yard in Atwater Village burned for about five hours Saturday. The address, 4560 W. Doran Street in North Atwater Village, is for American Reclamation Inc., described on its website as "a family-owned waste collection and recycling company that has been operating for over 50 years." Though nearly 90 firefighters have managed to extinguish the fire, the smell of smoke was still strong across Atwater Village and portions of Silver Lake and Echo Park. The Eastsider

Three burglary suspects were killed and a fourth hospitalized in critical condition when the vehicle they were in rolled over and crashed at the end of a brief police pursuit. The crash occurred about 4 a.m. on the Rampart Boulevard offramp of the northbound Hollywood Freeway. KTLA says this is related to a burglary at the Shoe Palace store on Sunset Boulevard and Lemoyne Street, in which the front windows of the store were smashed out. The Eastsider

Speaking with Richard Zaldivar, the main activist behind Las Memorias AIDS Monument in Lincoln Heights. Though proposed in 1993, the wall took 11 years to be built. "There were numerous obstacles. I think one was institutional homophobia, even from Latino politicians and the City of Los Angeles, where upfront they would say 'I support your work,' but in the background, they couldn’t give their support...." The Eastsider

Maebe A. Girl, a Silver Lake Neighborhood Council member and drag queen, explains why she is challenging Rep. Adam Schiff to represent the 28th Congressional District: "There’s people out there making decisions on behalf of our community that don’t understand the struggles of being in our community." Spectrum News 1

A building at Cal State L.A. was cleared late Tuesday afternoon after a caller who phoned the campus Annex lab threatened to come and shoot inside the building unless it was evacuated. Official at the El Sereno campus later determined there was no credible threat. Twitter 

The costs, complications and hurt feelings from restoring the 170-foot-long "Southwest Museum Mural" in Mount Washington, now in its final stages of restoration. The Eastsider

What to do with the pigeons at Sunset Triangle Plaza in Silver Lake? Up to 100 pigeons crowd the plaza, especially on days when trash hasn’t been collected, she said. The numbers peak between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Most of the birds move along before 10 a.m., but by then, they’ve already left behind feces and feathers and parasitic insects, she said. "My understanding is that some of the (nearby) homeless have contracted avian fleas," said Elyse Goyen, a co-owner of Roo Coffee shop, which faces the plaza. The Eastsider

Volunteers have been giving makeovers to cancer patients in Boyle Heights for the last nine years. Makeup artists, hairdressers, barbers, manicurists, chefs and others converge on Adventist Health White Memorial Medical Center for an event called Chavelyta's Pamper-me Day, the most recent of which was last week. The event is organized by Chavelyta's Pink Hood, which is run by Isabel Guillen, a cancer survivor. ABC 7

Funeral services were held for Capt. Alberto Torres, a former park maintenance worker who rose up the ranks over 40 years to become a respected and beloved park ranger. A large contingent of park rangers and police officers joined family and friends to honor Torres, who died last month after collapsing at Ranger Headquarters at the Griffith Park Visitor Center. He was 68 years old. The Eastsider

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