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A recap of some of the past week’s scenes, sightings and stories from across the Eastside.

The co-chairs of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council were voted out of office in the recent council elections, according to unofficial results. A slate called "Silver Lake Progressive," which opposed the council's leadership, was voted in - gaining all but one seat. Los Feliz Ledger and City Clerk

A member of the Big Hazard gang pleaded guilty to orchestrating the May 2014 firebombings intended to drive out black tenants from the primarily Latino Ramona Gardens housing project in Boyle Heights. Carlos Hernandez, also known as "Rider," pleaded guilty Monday to five felonies that carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in federal prison. The 34-year-old Hernandez is the last of the eight members of the Latino gang who have pleaded guilty in connection with the federal hate crimes case. Hernandez told the other codefendants who were present that the African-American victims were being targeted for firebombing because of their race, according to his plea agreement. The Eastsider

The only Latino presidential candidate, Julian Castro, visited Garfield High School in East Los Angeles for his first California 2020 campaign stop. The former Housing and Urban Development Secretary and former Mayor of San Antonio hopes he can woo the heavily Latino state. Delegate-rich California is moving up its primary elections to Super Tuesday in a bid to become more relevant, and candidates are factoring that into their strategy. MyNewsLA

Strong winds this week knocked out power to about 3,000 LADWP customers in Silver Lake, 2,450 customers in Los Feliz and 900 in Elysian Valley - as well as many other residences across the city. While the vast majority of the utility's customers did not experience any outages, but at one point about 42,000 citywide were without power on Tuesday night. The Eastsider

Bad luck for the Good Luck Bar in Los Feliz. The 25-year-old cocktail bar is set to close down - reportedly to be replaced by a possible hotel and restaurant. Eater L.A.

A corner lot awaiting development in Los Feliz is becoming a safety issue, neighbors say, as squatters vandalize the property, illegally divert power lines and cause disturbances of the peace. In one instance, squatters also broke a gas meter, causing a natural gas leak. A Valero gas station and two residential buildings are to be demolished at Franklin and Western, and ultimately replaced with a controversial mixed-use apartment complex. Los Feliz Ledger

A suspect slashed the necks of two men outside of a Que Ricos restaurant on Soto Street in Boyle Heights. The two victims were arguing when the suspect attempted to intervene. Only a few moments passed before the suspect became violent, pulling out a sharp object and slashing both the men in the neck. The suspect fled in a white Chevy Tahoe. The Eastsider

Echo Park poet, artist and ex-Londoner John Tottenham has released his third collection after 14 years, titled "The Hate Poems." Why hate? Here's a line, for example: “I was on a roll, and I rolled into a rut.” Or this: “Having sex with you is like going to church. I resent the obligation." His work oozes wink-worthy, self-flagellation. "To concentrate on the negative: that unfortunately is my talent, it’s what I excel at," Tottenham told writer Anthony Mostrom. "Writing in a positive, life-affirming way doesn’t feel or sound right." Los Angeles Review of Books

An interview with Gordon Henderson, an artist whose new collection of paintings documents his rapidly evolving and gentrifying neighborhood of Highland Park. The Eastsider

Five concrete towers or piers that once supported a streetcar bridge for the old Red Cars are now going to support a new bridge over the L.A. River in Atwater Village - for bikes and pedestrians. The Eastsider

If someone is planning to build on the open fields and steep hillside in the 4500 block of Via Marisol in Monterey Park, they’re going to have a hard time. The issue has come up in the wake of a report that a prospective land buyer wants to see whether 100 condo units could be built on the 12-acre site. This land, however, was zoned for open space back in 2012 - and even farther back than that, a "restrictive covenant" in 1981 from an early developer of the Monterey Hills residential community said exactly zero units would be built in this area. Then there's the soil itself. It's loose, and much of the area is landfill - a condition that led to a $62.5 million settlement in 1990 for residents whose condos had sunk into the soft earth.  The Eastsider

A motorcyclist was killed in Echo Park after crashing into a guardrail on the southbound 2 Freeway near Glendale Boulevard. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. The Eastsider

An armed man in a ski mask and black gloves robbed a 7-11 store in East Los Angeles, Police said the assailant pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded he drop money in a bag. The robber then took off on foot from the store in the 3500 block of First Street. The suspect is described only as a male Latino. The Eastsider

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